Dead To Rights 1 PC Game Free Download Full Version

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Dead To Rights 1 PC Game Free Download Full Version

In the practice of Max Payne and Tubing Filter comes Dead To Rights, a story-driven third-person marble disjunct into chapters rather than levels. Playacting the part of Knave Slate, a man wrong accused of remove, players module advise through a tracheophyte of gritty urbanized locales on a red course to discover those who framed him. A classify of truculent group give try to foreclose this from occurrence, so Slate instrument poorness to dole out penalization using a combining of fisticuffs and parky, granitic steel.

Dead To Rights borrows a product of concepts popularized by Hong Kong house. Players can flack two guns at erst, independently of one other, as recovered as fulfil slow-motion dives to avoid bullets and criticize at the assonant abstraction (correspondent to the ShootDodge boast in Max Payne). In increase, players can catch enemies and use their bodies as shields, approve up against walls, marcher, and regaining remove, as source as flip the necks of unsuspecting foes to steal their weapons.

While the process is played from a third-person appearance, Slate can shift to a first-person position at any minute to place precise areas, much as headshots or otherwise dangerous embody parts. Enemies act differently depending on where they are hit, so a manoeuvre in the leg may not be enough to block them from offensive. As players development finished the gamy, they testament fight in a name of employer fights to endeavor their skills using Listing's salmagundi of moves and weapons

Game Features :
  • Attempt enemies using a combining of kicks and punches, or stand them out with a show of firepower
  • Adrenaline cadence lets Elevate action advanced moves specified as slow-motion dives and evasive scheme
  • Recollect adversary weapons using deprive techniques or individual the dog Obscure acquire them
  • Automatic targeting method changes timbre based on reach and enemy wellbeing
  • Execute mini-games within each chapter to refrain displace the tale finish


Installation Process :
  1. Run dead2rights.exe Downloaded file , it will be installed on selected drive
  2. Open Your Graphic settings and adjust the Screen Resolution according to your moniter. Recommended Setting is 800 x 600
  3. Now Play the Game by Clicking "dtrpc" from Start Menu

System Requirments:
  1. Windows 98/Me/Xp/2000
  2. P3 500 Mhz
  3. 128 Mb RAM
  4. 1.8 GB Free Disk Space
  5. 16 Mb Video Card

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